Wednesday, March 25, 2009

40 years of Metals at University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse

March 27 and 28th. Metalsmithing Symposium at UW-L hosted by Bill Fiorini. Bill has unofficially decided to retire and has put together an event to help celebrate his accomplishments as a Professor of Metalsmithing at UW-L. Dale Wedig, James Viste, Becky (Chader) McDonah, myself, and Brad Nichols, will be presenting demonstrations and showing 'n' telling about current and/or in progress work. Topics: Dale Wedig, Angle-Raising and manipulation a raised form; James Viste, Textures and further discussion of texturing die production for both ferrous and non ferrous metals; Becky (Chader) McDonah, Mechanisms/Captures and etching with PNP; Tedd McDonah, torch-fired enamels and threaded connections; Brad Nichols, chasing and repousse.

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