Sunday, February 1, 2009

Thank God I was on the Dock

As anyone who fishes for Northerns will tell you, "careful, they've got long, sharp teeth." This day, that was the last of my worries. If they have enough energy, they will continue to fight after they are out of the water. Well this little guy sure did. At this point, the bend of the hood is visible. It hadn't always been that way; as I was holding the fish in one hand and reaching for the pliers (to remove the hook from the fish), with the other hand, the slippery dude opted to fight some more, and "good for him" I say, keeps things interesting. The hook had been buried to the point where there was no light between us. And, oh yes, it stung a little. I tried having my 6 year old son try to remove the hook with pliers - bad idea. Grasping the fish with one hand, and the other, as you can see, tied up, gave me some time to think... ooh, go get the camera! Long story short; I finally got the hook out on my own.


Loring Taoka said...

battle wounds! good work.

Lauren Diggs said...

Oh wow, I laughed pretty hard at the idea of Oscar trying to wiggle out that bad boy :) My goodness!