Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The interim -

Almost a year since this piece was finished and, just now, taking images. Yes, I know, lame. An earlier post suggested you'd see better quality images "soon." However, soon didn't happen; lots of other things, including unrelated posts, did. Now, finally, here are some better lit, neutral background, images I recently shot. This piece is approximately 36"X12"X12". The smallest of the Cockamamie Candleholder Series. This is #4 in the series, as well. Available here: www.teddmcdonah.etsy.com

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ever get the feeling...

... you are being watched?!

I did one particular day (or would it be peculiar?). Funny feeling. You know the one - the one where you are being spied upon. There have been times when my two-year-old saunters silently in to the studio, only to startle me, by clicking the magnets on my wife's anvil. But this time it was something different. Less startling, but unsettling, all the same. Then a quick glance down into my trash. There he was, the elusive Trash Can-Monkey. Blending in to his surroundings as only a chameleon or walking-stick could. After snapping a quick picture, he was released and on his way.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Overdue In-the-Water image

After month's of anticipation, I was finally able to get my antique bass boat in the water. Most antique shops mandate a 20 year, or more, age of items for sale by their vendors. This boat was made in '81 - almost 30 years - so for reasons of nostalgia, I'm referring to it an an antique. Pictured here in beautiful Galesville, WI on Lake Marinuka.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

From Playskool to Pricey Fisher

Before I start posting images of fishing and fish (firmly relying on catching fish), I wanted to show images of a new lure I plan on dunking and dragging through Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin waters this summer. Hopefully this lure finds it's way into the mouths of many a fish this summer. "Just throw out yer line, and reel it in... it's the good 'ol boys... going fishing agin... " Thanks Rob.

Time Travel

At dinner, my oldest son asked my wife and I if it were possible to 'go back in time.' I waited to see what her response was going to be, as she did, mine. After a brief silence we said in unison, "no." Well, let me take you back to circa 1974. I wanted to share an image of the first work bench I ever knew. It was given to my eldest sister and I before I was even in kindergarten. I remember looking through leaflet advertisements from local hardware stores like Coast to Coast and Gambles, to find that special item, 'to make.' Seeing this forgotten bench again for the first time in thirty-plus years, it made me think back to wanting to make something. I 'got it' way back then. I knew I wanted to be a maker - a maker of things. A lot of time had passed in between the first rush of the inventive spirit and when I actually started making objects. The thought of there being a connection, again, hadn't produced itself until last summer, when the memories of innocent child wanting to make his parent hangers - yes, hangers - out of scrap 2X4's, came storming back. I distinctly remember the feeling of realizing I lacked the requisite skills (and tools) to undertake and achieve such a lofty goal. After all, a wire coat hanger from wood?! I haven't given hope, but have moved on to alternative articles of manufacture. Fishing lures, for example.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Shamelessness Onward

Here, at last, is the finished group (minus 7). 3 dozen completed, although I thought this image was balanced well enough with only a partial representation. Available soon on www.TeddMcDonah.etsy.com first, though, making their way to Houston, TX for the annual SNAG conference.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Some new Shamelessness

New Postcard design created by Melissa McGurgan of WM Design. This is the design for the back of the postcard. The Recyclures were conceived ten years ago, and I will be bringing 3 dozen to the SNAG conference in Houston, TX, March 10th through the 13th. Availability will be first come, first serve.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A healthy distraction VS. Underpinnings of a lifestyle

Almost as exciting as my first anvil, or first trip-hammer. As I remember, the purchase of my first anvil was pretty tame. $150 from a junk-yard owner in Wisconsin. A boat on the other hand - and a used boat, nearly thirty years old - offers more challenges, responsibilities, and ongoing financial needs. I felt a little different trailer-ing a boat through down-town Phoenix. Not because we are in the desert (that, in and of itself is a little curious, though), but because of the fact I exist in such a megalopolis. A feeling of 'small-town' crept back into my psyche.

The craft is not without issues. Many of the seals on and about the motor are leaking one thing or another. Not too surprised, to be honest. The seller was asking a very modest price with the notion that this is a fixer-upper. I look forward to another project, and hope to get it back and into the waters of the midwest, this summer. This boat was made in 1981, the last year Terry boats were made. At that time, their only competition was, the now famous, Ranger Boats.

Staying faithful to the metalsmithing tilt of this blog, the correlation here is the boat's model year, 1981, and the melting temperature of copper - 1981 deg F.