Sunday, November 16, 2008

Don't Think Out Loud

When I bought my first computer, I thought I'd be a graphic artist. Then I realized how much I start to squirm after a few minutes of being lashed to a computer. Fast forward a few years, then a few more, couple more, yep, a few more, ok then couple more. So here I am in '08. Image before you was done last year. I remember now why I didn't go the graphic route. I like to doodle on paper, as well as, the screen...

Heavy Duty Hanukkah Menorah


This Menorah was built back in 2003 for the 3rd Annual Menorah Exhibit, at the Janice Charach Epstein Gallery in West Bloomfield, MI. The Curator was Janice Wetsman. This was my first, and to this point, only menorah. To do it over again, I probably would've made it slightly smaller. It measures about 27" wide, 30" tall, and 8 inched deep (at the base). And yes, heavy.

Monday, October 20, 2008

New Work

First piece in a new series (hopefully), I've decided to call "Intuitive Afterthoughts", or maybe "My Autonomous Art." Many of the elements come from class demo samples. This one is 11"x3"x2". There are references to several functional devices, but as it is, this one simply rests.

Work to be Published

This image was chosen to be in Lark Books upcoming book entitled 500 Enameled Objects, by Juror Sarah Perkins. I'm very excited and honored to be included.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Michael Perry and the Clodhopper Report

If I ever forget where it is that I came from, or maybe a touch of the home-sick, I read one of his books or watch one of his "Clodhopper Reports." The Clodhopper Reports are featured on Wisconsin Public Television.


PS. Notice all the salt being spread on the highway from the red dump-truck. Typical winter strategy for preventing the roads from "freezing over." It really takes its toll on the northerner's vehicles. A couple of winter's worth of driving, and you can just about hear the rust starting to chew away the precious sheet-metal. OK, so that just may be the spray from wet roads, but it really reminds me of the types of road maintenance trucks and the salt/sand mix they dump/spread.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Cockamamie Candleholder #3

This is, to date, the final of the candleholder series. I should mention #2 was completed in 2004, this one in 2006. There was a Heavy Duty Menorah produced in between #2 and #3. I'll post it as well.

Unlike CC#1 and CC#2, CC#3 has some traditional joinery (collars), whereas the first two are strictly welded in construction. Also, there are no pre-made or "found objects" in this composition; all elements are forged hot, scrolled, twisted, bent, smooshed, or manipulated in some other way. Dimensions: 35"X14"X11" (w/o candle).

Cockamamie Candleholder #2

This is the Second in the series of three (so far). I choose to use fewer elements than in the first and third. Forged and fabricated, found steel objects, as well. Dimensions: 28.5"X16"X13.5"

Cockamamie Candleholder #1

First in a series of three (so far). Forged and fabricated steel and found steel objects. This one made in 2003, while living and teaching in NW Ohio. Dimensions: 35"X11"X8" (w/o candle).