Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Building a Blacksmithing Air Hammer

Keeping with my regular pace of only a few new posts per year ... This project started nearly two years ago at Arizona State University with graduate student, Leon Nash. Erik Bogner, Leon,and myself attended a "power-hammer" demo hosted by Ron Kinyon with the support of the Arizona Artist Blacksmith Association. Now being finished, there are some things I'd like to try differently the next time around; also, the hammer's current position is horizontal on a flatbed until I can get it installed in its new smithy-home. We are a few weeks off from that, but it'll be worth the wait. New home being Millersville, PA. Here are a few images of the hammer. Also, the whole building process was photo-documented and can be viewed more thoroughly, here: www.flickr.com/photos/teddmcdonah/sets/72157626270160104/with/6894396355/
The image of the foot control is an "in-progress" photo. There are items in the photo that are not a part of the design, but rather "place holders" and/or prop-ups. Both the hammer design and the foot pedal design are credited to Ron Kinyon. I took a few liberties in some minor spec. changes. The foot pedal is designed and intended as a remote-style control, so when working longer pieces, the hammer-operator is not tied to being right next to the hammer.


Daniel Icaza said...
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Daniel Icaza said...

Awesome job!

The Flying XS said...

I really enjoyed looking through your extensive photo essay on flicker.

How did you find the level of detail in the plans? Is there full specs and detail drawings? Do you require both Ron's + the up dated notes or is everything in the updated notes?

I noticed the tupp you used is hollow square section, I would have thought this needed to be solid. Did you fill it with something?

You mentioned you would make some changes, what are they and any tips on trying to build one as I'm on the other side of the planet.