Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The interim -

Almost a year since this piece was finished and, just now, taking images. Yes, I know, lame. An earlier post suggested you'd see better quality images "soon." However, soon didn't happen; lots of other things, including unrelated posts, did. Now, finally, here are some better lit, neutral background, images I recently shot. This piece is approximately 36"X12"X12". The smallest of the Cockamamie Candleholder Series. This is #4 in the series, as well. Available here: www.teddmcdonah.etsy.com

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jtbmetaldesigns said...

Wow that is a great candle holder! I have made candle holders as gifts for friends and I have sold a couple from my website www.jtbmetaldesigns.com. I have an idea floating around for my next candle holder as I write this.