Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Breakfast Food

Some mornings are just better that others...

*Not Pictured: Buttered Toast and Tang

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Newly posted items on Etsy

The Original Recyclure Fishing Lure. Not all the lures in the image have been listed, but if'n you'd like to request a specific lure, holler! www.teddmcdonah.etsy.com. Some jewelry pieces listed recently as well.

LaCrosse Tradition

My experiences as an art student at the University of Wisconsin LaCrosse were all positive, but none more so than those I took away from having had Bill Fiorini as a professor, instructor, and mentor. The most significant skill I was taught, was the production of diffusion-bonded Mokume-gane. At the time of my graduation I was still "dabbling" with the process, but later, in graduate school, I was able to spend the time to make mistakes, experiment with different metal combinations, build forges, and pattern-out material to the point I got very comfortable with the process. I am, typically, only making materials for my self, stock piling until a need arises.

Torch-fire Enameling

My presentation was based on the ability to form 18 gauge copper with a steel punch when back-supported with a hockey puck. The resulting floral-form was then enameled via torch-firing. Here I am doing the enameling with onlookers from the UW-LaCrosse metals program.

Together Again

This past march I was able, through the generosity of Ruth Anne Knapp, able to attend a gathering at the University of Wisconsin - LaCrosse. The event loosely entitled "40 Years of Metals at UW-L" was an event to honor and celebrate the retiring of Professor, Bill Fiorini. Shown are (from L to R) Bill Fiorini, Brad Nichols, Becky (Chader) McDonah, Tedd McDonah, James Viste, Ruth Anne Knapp, Dale Wedig, and Mike LaRonge.